Police Department


A police committee was set up in May of 1894 to hire a police officer for the Borough. In June 1894, the committee reported to the Borough Council that they “highly recommended Mr. B.A. Fox as he is the only applicant whose duties it shall be to patrol the streets of the borough between the hours of 11PM and sunrise”. Officer Fox started his job on July 1, 1894 and received a salary of $40 a month. His duties also included attending to the town’s street lamps.

Current Day Police Force

The current police force, headed by Chief David Madonna, consists of one police sergeant, six full time officers, and five part-time officers. Also, we have a bike unit, and bloodhound K-9 unit.


Police Chief
Police Sergeant
Code Enforcement Officer

Office Staff:

Police Secretary

"Drop" Prescription Drugs In a Safe Place!

prescription drug drop off

Proper disposal of unused or expired prescription drugs can save lives.

Prospect Park residents now have access to a secure medication drop box to dispose of unused, unwanted, or expired prescription drugs that can be lethal when they fall into the wrong hands.

The "Delco Medicine Drop" box has been installed at the Prospect Park Police Station. The box is located just inside the main door.

Residents can safely dispose of prescription medications, particularly dangerous narcotics, and be reassured that no one will steal them out of their medicine chest and that they will be disposed of properly without harming the water supply. The medicines can be dropped into the box anonymously for free at any time during the year. The Prospect Park Police Station's drop-off hours are as follows: Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. or any time an officer is in the station.

720 Maryland Avenue
Prospect Park, PA 19076
United States

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