Prospect Park Borough Office and War Memorial Library

Prospect Park Borough Office and War Memorial Library

The Borough Prospect Park, Pennsylvania is located twelve miles from the center of Philadelphia. Using the commuter rail system (SEPTA – Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority), the trip takes twenty minutes.

The Borough of Prospect Park is in Delaware County, was formerly called Moore, and was incorporated in 1894. Slightly less than a one square mile in area, it is the home of 6366 (US Census, April 2022) residents. In the present day, it is hard to envision the entire area was a much-contested piece of real estate when the Dutch and Swedes were squabbling over ownership. The present population enjoys knowing that they were preceded by a signer of the Declaration of Independence, John Morton, whose house still stands, and the Reverend Mark Watkinson, Pastor of the Prospect Hill Baptist Church, who persuaded the U.S. Congress to have the motto “In God We Trust” imprinted on all U.S. currency.

When promoting a community, one of the most important things is to describe the benefits of its location. When considering location, Prospect Park has been blessed by happenstance. In colonial times, the main route from Philadelphia to the colonies in the south was the King’s Highway, now known to us as Chester Pike (Rte. 13). Since Prospect Park straddles this artery, commerce thrived from the earliest times. Another important enhancement was the creation of what is now Route 420 to connect Baltimore Pike to our west with Chester Pike. Again, Prospect Park found itself astride another main highway, which now afforded access to all points of the compass when this vital intersection was completed. Could our location be more convenient? Believe it or not, it could. When Interstate 95 was completed, it included an interchange at Route 420, giving us egress not a tenth of a mile from our border, and putting the Philadelphia International Airport a ten-minute drive away. Also, it was very thoughtful of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to place Interstate 476 (Blue Route), less than two miles to our south on I-95, which opens the entire turnpike system to us without stopping for a traffic signal.

There is more to Prospect Park than a great location. Prospect Park is part of the nationally recognized Interboro School District.  We have our own well-trained and educated Police Department, which results in a very low incidence of crime.

The Prospect Park War Memorial Library is linked to the Delaware County library system, affording them the ability to supply residents with any book. 

We have a well-equipped and modern all volunteer fire company, whose training is equal to professional companies everywhere.

If you consult any Realtor, you will find that homes for sale in the area have a very short-lived stay on the market.
Our form of government is unique in a very special way. Our Mayor and Council members are not only devoted to Prospect Park but are personally available to the entire constituency at all times. Furthermore, the Borough has always been solvent and with very low municipal debt.
Trash removal, sanitary matters and highway maintenance are handled by a group of dedicated employees, led by our highway supervisor.

With all the accolades attributed to our community, it would be remiss not to mention our greatest asset, our residents. These are people who want to live in a great community where their children can enjoy a safe and happy childhood, and where the parents are afforded peace of mind.